Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lens Guide: Choosing The Best Disposable Lens For Yourself

Deciding to replace your glasses with something that is much of an invisible asset straight out of a Bond Film is one thing and choosing the right one is quite another. For, in the latter case you have to pick the right one from a great number of available contact lenses. You have the choice because each one of these is not fit for everyone. Therefore, you have to pick the one that suits your needs and soothes your eyes. After all, the world is only as beautiful as you can see it. Right? To make things easier for you, here are a few varieties of lenses that you may choose from:

Disposable lenses
These are a great news because with them comes the freedom to discard them at will. Besides of course you don't need to take too much of care, for the moment you feel that it's not working to your satisfaction you are free to pick another pair. Among the disposables too there is a great variety depending upon how long you want to carry on with one pair.

Daily disposable ones are those that are made to last once and are to be thrown away after single use. The adavantage is that you don't need to worry about cleaning and disinfecting and buying those disintecting solutions and then taking all the care that these disinfectants do not get infected themselves.

In other words, these are hassle free contacts. You wear a fresh pair every time which transalates into clearer vision. They can well be born everyday, but are equally suitable to those who are quite comfortable with their spectacles but like wearing contacts occasionally when the circumstance call for it.

Then, there is the monthly disposable variety. With these, you have to follow the same old routine of wearing through the day, taking them out carefully in the evening, cleaning and disinfeting. Of course, you get a new pair eventually but that happens once in a month. Annual disposable lenses are much the same as the monthly ones, just that they carry on for a year.

Sports lenses are a relatively new variety meant for those who play rigorous outdoor games ranging from football and cricket to swimming and climbing. They give one freedom from the never-ending spectacles-worry which all the bespectacled are so very familiar with. They add to the players confidence which makes him or her perform at his or her best. They are daily contacts and are meant to be used just once. They are specially designed for the sportsmen though they are much similar to the single-use contacts.