Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lenses And Dry Eye

Contact lenses and dry eye always remain a favorite topic of discussion for contact lens users as well as eye specialists who prescribe contact lenses. Since contact lenses give way to evaporation of water from eye, folks already having a problem of dry eye find it difficult to wear contact lenses. If you are using contact lenses and dry eye is causing problem then you can switch over to those contact lenses that tend to keep your eyes moist by causing less evaporation.

These lenses are soft lenses that are capable of keeping a check on evaporation of water in excess off your dry eyes. Silicon Hydrogel lenses are a favorite choice because of their less water content and they go well with dry eyes. New polymer lenses are also adept to serve the purpose.

You must keep track of contact lens review to know more about such lenses suitable for dry eye. A solution to contact lenses and dry eye problem was offered by Proclear Compatibilities which produces special lenses made up of Omafilcon A polymer for dry eyes. This brand has carved a niche in dry eye lenses market with it's Biocompatibility technology. This compatibility is due to a substance phosphorylcholine that is also present in human cells.

Acuvue Oasis lenses also serve the same purpose. Folks living in dry ambience love to sport Acuvue Oasis lenses. The polymer used in these lenses is Senofilcon A. The brand is offered by conglomerate Johnson and Johnson. It's Hydraclear Plus content that happens to be a wetting agent helps keep the eyes moist.

It's better if you keep these lenses in contact lens case. Besides, you must avoid cheap contact lense for dry eye instead you can go for custom contact lens. You must keep contact lens cleaner with yourself and contact lens cleaning should be done carefully. Cosmetic contact lenses for dry eyes are also readily available. Specialized dry eye daily disposable contact lenses are also available.