Contact Lens Basics

Contact Lenses Without Prescription

People generally look forward to buy colored contact lenses without a prescription, but getting contact lenses without prescription is not easy these days. Most of the companies in the United States will not sell any contact lenses without prescription. However,  a number of companies sell contact lenses without a prescription  and they usually offer them at a reasonable price.

The main reason why companies hesitate to sell lenses in such a manner is the safety issues involved. It is a general perception that using contact lenses without prescription can be harmful to the eyes. This is the reason that finding contact lenses without a prescription is not easy.

These lenses can be found on the Internet. There is a number of websites selling contact lenses without prescription at reasonable prices. You can always go online and buy a pair, but keep in mind that the lenses should be safe to use. There is no point in harming your eyes by using these lenses.

There is another way of finding lenses without a prescription. Maybe one of your friends is using them. You can always check out with people using contact lenses, maybe they'll tell you where to get these contact lenses without prescription. It is possible that someone may suggest a good shop which sells contacts without prescription.

Like other contact lenses these lenses also need constant care and maintenance. You must take proper care of your lenses. Although these contact lenses are without prescription but they come with proper instructions to clean and maintain them. Follow these instructions religiously to ensure that your lenses are maintained properly. Remember that there is no difference between these lenses and those available with a prescription.

Use cosmetics which are water soluble and if you are  using any cream or lotions then be sure that you don't apply them too close to your eyes. Don't were the lenses to sleep. Always take them off before you sleep and put them on when you wake. These contact lenses come with a recommended time period. Make sure you do not wear them past the recommended period.

These lenses come in various types. You should be careful and choose the ones which are suitable to you. For example you should avoid going for opaque lenses in case if you don't have a proper night vision. Never use anyone else's lenses; you may catch an eye infection which can permanently hamper your eye sight.

There is a large possibility that you'll find contact lenses without prescription, but be sure to use them carefully to protect your vision. These lenses can be harmful for your eyes because they don't come with a prescription. It is of course your decision. Do be careful and don’t do anything to spoil your eyes.