Contact Lens Basics

All About Daily Disposable Contact Lenses

When it comes to contact lenses you have several options to choose from. There are various options available in the form of soft, colored, gas permeable, colored contacts and the like. Amidst various other contact lens options, daily disposable contact lenses are a popular choice. They are easy to use, affordable and safe too.

What are daily disposable contact lenses?
Daily disposable contact lenses are regular contact lenses that can be used for only a day. You can wear a fresh pair in the morning and throw it away towards the end of the day.

How do they work?
Daily disposable contact lenses work like any other contact lens. They rectify your vision problems and enable you to see properly. The only difference between daily disposable contact lenses and other conventional lenses is that the former can be used only for a day.

What are the benefits of using these lenses?
You can enjoy several benefits on using daily disposable contact lenses. One of the most important benefits of using these lenses is that they minimize the risk of eye infections. Prolonged use of contact lenses can cause eye infection. This is because traces of dirt or other unwanted substances may stick on to the contact lens even after cleaning. Daily disposable contact lenses eliminate the risk of eye infection as you do not need to clean them after usage. Simply throw them away at the end of the day and use a new contact lens.

Ease of usage is an obvious benefit of using these contact lenses. You do not have to get up every morning to clean your lenses or store your lenses properly before you go to sleep. This not just adds to your convenience but also saves a lot of your time. Considering the ease of usage these lenses have to offer, they make for an apt choice for first time users.

Are there any disadvantages?
Daily disposable contact lenses have their share of disadvantages too. One of the major drawbacks of these contact lenses is that they are very fragile. Since they are highly disposable, they are the thinnest of all contact lenses. So, even slight contact with dirt or any other abrasive material can damage these lenses.

How to use?
Amidst all other contact lenses, daily disposable contact lenses are the easiest to use. You do not have to bother cleaning them or putting them in the cleansing solution before you go to sleep. Just take a fresh pair of lenses out of the box and place them in the eye. Remove them before you go to sleep and throw them away. You can use another fresh and sanitized pair of lenses the next morning. Make sure that you do not use these contact lenses for more than a day.

Which are the best options in daily disposable contact lenses?

Though there are various options in daily contact lenses, Acuevue Moist, Focus Dailies, Biomedics one day and Soflens one day are some of the best options. You can consult your health care provider to choose a suitable contact lens for yourself.