Contact Lens Basics

Day Night Toric Contact Lenses

Day night toric contact lenses are manufactured by Focus. These lenses are extended wear contact lenses. Day night toric contact lenses are given the go ahead for 30 days of non-stop wear i.e.

you can wear them in nights also. The most beautiful thing about the lens is that these day night toric contact lenses allow more than six times of oxygen to pass through it to the eyes. These lenses are much more safer than daily disposable contact lenses. That is why, you can wear them for even longer period of time without any hassles.

Soft contact lenses or soflens has changed the face of contact lens market. Now, you can buy contact lenses as prescription contact lenses or as fashion lenses. Without prescription, you can buy contact lenses in the form of colored contact lens, cosmetic contact lens, daily contact lens, crazy contact lens, and alike. Also, as prescription lenses, these lenses are used as bifocal contact lenses, toric lenses and alike.

With the Day Night Toric Contact Lenses, you can get free from removing and inserting of contact lenses everyday as you can wear them for 30 days without removal. These lenses are manufactured by Ciba Vision. With these lenses containing 24 % of water, they are also very comfortable to wear. It is good for the health of your eyes as well. These lenses are a great option for people having an active lifestyle and who have allergies as well.