Contact Lens Basics

Different Types Of Color Contact Lenses For You To Choose From

Do you think that it is time for you to take on a new look? If yes, then color contact lenses are going to play an important role in giving you a completely new look and personality. All of us know that eyes are considered the most beautiful part of the human body and the color contact lenses can help you make your eyes look much better.

There are a number of color contact lenses to choose from but the three most popular types of color contact lenses are discussed here because these are the only lenses which you would be required to use if you want color contact lenses as a part of complete personality make over.

Enhancement color contacts- The first type of color contact lenses that you must know about are the enhancement color contact lenses. These lenses are meant to brighten up the color of your eyes. Enhancement contact lenses are of the same color as your eyes in most cases though you can use different colored lenses to create a dramatic effect. This is possible because the enhancement color contacts are made of semi transparent material which allows the original color of your eyes to blend with the color of lenses.

Opaque color contacts- The second type of color contact lenses are those made of opaque material. These lenses are meant to change the color of your eyes completely. These lenses have a small pinpoint sized transparent hole in the middle of lens from where you can see. Sometime back the opaque contacts were not very effective as they looked unnatural. New generation opaque colored contact lenses
are much more natural looking and therefore they can be used with proper confidence.

Costume contact lenses- The third type of colored contact lenses are costume contact lenses. These lenses are made with dramatic patterns. They are meant to be worn with special costumes. Take for example the lenses that are meant to be worn with the Halloween costumes. You can get lenses which make your eyes look bloodshot or look like the eyes of a cat. These lenses are not meant for daily use but only for special occasions.

Thus, colored contact lenses offer a complete world of fascinating makeover devices that could change you by any degrees you want. Just choose the type of contact lens that attracts  you the most and get a completely new look for yourself.