Contact Lens Basics

Disposable Contact Lenses-Simple But Powerful

With the passage of time, new ways of vision correction have evolved. During the earlier years, there was the monocle. Over the massage of time, came  spectacles with a  stick or chain. It was only much later that the eye glasses as we know them today were introduced. 

When they were first introduced, the large variety and options that we see today, was missing. In the present times, there is an enormous choice in terms of disposable contact lenses. With the advancement of technology, the lenses of glasses became smaller. The earlier glasses were prone to damage to a very large extent. This led to the invention of the contact lenses.  During the earlier years, the disposable contact lenses were costly. It was not everyone’s cup of tea to purchase these contact lenses. It is a fact that in case you lose the contact lens, you will have to purchase a new one.

It is very important to handle the disposable contact lens in a proper way. Improper handling of the contact lens can led to the infection of the eye. One of my friends got an eye infection because she had not handled her contact lenses in the right manner. After thorough examination, the doctor told her that the lens had slipped from the place it should be in. The people in earlier days did not feel comfortable with the traditional contact lenses. These lenses were hard. It took a lot of time for the users to get adjusted to these lenses.

With the passage of time, people shifted to soft contact lenses. These lenses were flexible. The person or the wearer could fix these lenses on the eye in an easy way. It became very necessary to clean these lenses every night. This was done in order to avoid the infection of the eye. People wanted a change. They wanted a contact lens that could stay on the eyes for a pretty long time.

The people then wanted  contact lenses which didn’t require to be cleaned very often. They also wanted contact lenses that were disposable. They thought it would be a  better option for them. Many people also used the extended wear lenses and frequent replacement lenses.