Contact Lens Basics

Disposable Contact Lenses

Disposable contact lenses are very convenient to use and they don't  make a hole in your pocket. The disposable lenses were introduced in 1987 and slowly they took over the market, giving stiff competition to the regular contact lenses. They have now become the most commonly used contact lenses. They are getting popular because of their low price and high quality. Even eye-care practitioners recommend them because they are convenient to use and are not harmful for your eyes.

Disposable contact lenses are of various types:

Some disposable lenses are meant to be used only for two weeks and they should be replaced on or before the expiry of the mentioned period.

Then there are frequent replacement lenses which are to be replaced on a monthly basis.

Some types of frequent replacement lenses are to be replaced quarterly.

Traditional disposable lenses are replaced every six months. They can be replaced later also, depending on their condition when the recommended period is over.

 You can choose the right type of disposable contact lenses for yourself according to your needs and comfort. You should be fully informed about a particular lens before you start using them, because each type of disposable lenses is specifically designed for different purposes. This will not only ensure the proper usage of the lens but will also help you in achieving the desired level of vision correction.

You have to understand a basic fact, that the lenses should be replaced frequently in order to avoid any health issues. Regular use of lenses makes them less comfortable because, there are many substances like sodium which gather on your lenses. These substances not only cause irritation but they can also generate infections in the eyes. Therefore it is advisable to replace your disposable lenses after the recommended time period.

Some people get confused about replacing and removing the lenses. Both of these terms are as different as chalk and cheese. Replacement refers to the process of discarding your contact lenses that is when you stop using them, whereas removing is drawing them out of your eyes for some time. For example when you go to sleep, you remove your lenses but that does not mean that you are replacing them.

Disposable lenses are not very costly; in fact they are very much affordable. Although, they are a little more expensive then the regular or normal contact lenses but that cost is compensated by the money you save on the cleaning products. The factors that affect the prices of disposable lenses are the region you live in and the fee charged by your eye-practitioner.

Disposable lenses come as cheap as a dollar per day. Considering the costs these lenses may be the best option for you.