Contact Lens Basics

Disposable Lenses Are A Right Choice

Disposable lenses usually come under the category of soft lenses. These are very useful as you can throw them after some period of time and take on fresh lenses which reduce the risk of infections and other disease likely to occur from such infections. It also reduces your cleaning routine. The period of replacement for disposable lenses may range from a single day to one month. The various variety of disposable lenses are as follows:

A) Daily disposable contact lenses: Daily disposable contact lenses were introduced in 1995 and are worn in the day time. These lenses are discarded every night and are replaced with a new pair of fresh lenses the next morning. By replacing your lens every day you are protecting your lenses from being contaminated with calcium or proteins building up on the lenses. They help in stopping your eyes from getting aggravated. In these lenses the care factor is very minimal as cleaning and caring is not involved. These contacts are beneficial for those having allergy with long use of lenses. They also reduce the risk of dry eye and irritation in the eye.

B)1 to 2 week disposable contact lenses: These lenses were introduced in 1987 and are worn for one to two weeks. After a use of 1 to 2 weeks, they are discarded and replaced with a new pair of lenses. By replacing your lenses you are preventing the deposits from getting built on the lenses which in turn makes you unlikely to suffer from eye irritation.

C) Using 1 to 2 week disposable lenses keeps your eyes healthy and free from substances like lipids, calcium and protein. Some 1 to 2 weeks lenses can also be worn overnight depending on the advice of your doctor.

D) Monthly disposable contact lenses: These lenses were approved for use in 2001 and can be worn continuously for thirty days. These lenses are made from a material called super permeable silicone hydrogel. These are designed to provide higher level of oxygen to the cornea (Ciba Vision's Focus Night and Day, provide six times the amount of oxygen than the other disposable lenses). Monthly disposable lenses are often used as an alternative to the correction of vision through laser technology because many people are not comfortable with the idea of getting a surgery done. The silicone material present in it prevents the deposit of other materials thus reducing eye irritation.