Contact Lens Basics

Drug-Loaded Contact Lenses

Contact lenses in the field of vision correction have brought a sort of revolution. You can use contact lenses for both purposes- for making a style statement and for vision correction. Even people with astigmatism are fit for wearing contact lenses. For vision correction, there are a number of contact lenses like bifocal contact lens, toric lens, cataract lens, and alike.

For style purposes, you can use cosmetic contact lens, disposable contact lens and custom contact lens. There are also hard contact lense, soflens and alike. Colored contact lenses are also capable of eye conditions like astigmatism, presbyopia and alike.

Drug-loaded contact lenses are a new addition to the field of vision correction. In fact, it is a great way to treat eye diseases. Most eye diseases are generally treated with eye drops. But, this process is not as effective as you would like it to be.

This is because eye drops drain out with tears. But, the development of drug-loaded contact lenses helps to erase this problem. Through this way the efficiency of drug delivery can be maintained.

The drug-loaded contact lenses are then applied to the eyes. Definitely, this is a great way to apply drugs to the eyes. Ophthalmic drug delivery through these lenses helps to treat eye diseases safely. Also, it is more effective than the eye drops as currently used Ophthalmic drug delivery systems are not that much efficient, the advent of drug-loaded contact lenses comes as a relief.