Contact Lens Basics

Dry Eyes Contact Lens

Folks who possess dry eyes must go for dry eyes contact lens. These are soft contact lenses that don't give way to excess evaporation of water from your eyes. Less evaporation keeps your eyes wet and makes you feel comfortable.

Recently introduced silicon hydrogel lenses that possess about 30 % of water content are quite appropriate for dry eyes. By reducing water percentage of lenses, they could be made suitable to dry eyes. It helps in keeping lenses moist and almost all new polymer lens breeds are equipped with this quality.

By going through contact lens review, you can go for a dry eyes contact lens. Proclear Compatibilities have earned rave reviews for being comfortable with dry eyes. Another high rated choice could be Acuvue Oasis. Acuvue Oasis brand especially manufactures lenses suited to folks living in dry ambience. The brand is associated with leading conglomerate Johnson and Johnson. It is produced by senofilcon A polymers. Presence of Hydraclear Plus which happens to be a constant wetting facilitator, makes this brand very popular among all brands of dry eyes contact lens.

While, omafilcon A is used in Proclear brand, it greatly contributes to retention of water in the eye. Bio-compatibility aids make it a superior brand for dry eyes. This bio-compatibility develops because of phosphorylcholine, a substance found in human body. It also prevents dehydration of eyes.

You can pick any of these brands. Use contact lens for your dry eyes but don't forget the following suggestions:

Contact lenses should be placed in contact lens case when not in use and should be washed with a contact lens cleaner. You should not go for cheap contact lense contrarily, you can opt for custom contact lens. You must keep on doing contact lens cleaning. Better go through contact lens review before buying it.

Also, cosmetic contact lenses are gaining popularity among fashion conscious woman. People are even increasingly switching over to daily disposable contact lenses. Colored contact lenses have become the order of the day.