Contact Lens Basics

Effectiveness Of Color Contact Lenses For people With Dark Eyes

A lot of people are adapting color contact lenses for changing the color of their eyes but the people who have dark colored eyes need to be exceptionally carefully while using color contact lenses because even though the lenses are not totally ineffective as they were some time back, you still need to do some careful mix and match before you can actually get any results from these color contact lenses. Today's lenses look much more natural but only if you choose the exact shade.

Most of the people think that if you have dark eyes, getting light color eyes using color contact lenses would be virtually impossible, but with the new generation color contact lenses, this is very much possible and you can change the color of your eyes to almost any color you want. The trick behind this is that now we have opaque color contact lens. These lenses only have a small pinpoint of transparent portion from where you can see.

These color contact lenses come with special designs which means that they do not look flat and the transparent point in the lenses is so designed that it fits in the overall lens design and does not stand out making your eyes look weird and suffering from cataract. You should be aware that not all the lenses are able to create the natural effect and only some contact lens makers have been successful in doing this.

Ciba Vision was one of first companies to be able achieve a near to natural look when it comes to color contact lenses. The Freshlook Colorblends look very natural. In fact if you go to someone who does not  know that you use color lenses, he would not be able to distinguish if you have applied the lenses or this is the real color of your eyes.

Apart from this another company that has been able to create near to natural looking color contact lenses is Acuvue. Acuvue 2 color is a not only designed to be rich and vivid in colors, they are very comfortable as well.