Contact Lens Basics

Focus Toric Contact Lense

Focus Toric contact lense from Wesley Jessen are manufactured by Cibavision. The Focus toric contact lenses are soft lenses available in a variety of prescriptions to correct different vision needs. These lenses are developed mainly as monthly replacement lenses. These monthly disposable contact lenses come in a box of 6 disposable soft contact lenses in a buffered saline solution.

Toric contact lenses are used to correct astigmatism and are available as gas permeable or soft lenses. Astigmatism is a common vision condition which occurs when the front surface of the eye, called the cornea, is not perfectly round. When light is focused, it falls differently in the eye, leading to blurred vision.

40 to 50 percent of the population suffers from this. Soft contact lenses are used to cure astigmatism, but with the Focus toric contact lense, soft lenses can be worn by anyone. In soflens, toric lenses are available as either a monthly disposable contact lens or as a yearly lens. Toric lenses provide the same level of comfort and clarity of vision as other soft and gas permeable lenses.

CIBA Vision, the maker of focus toric contact lenses offers you toric contact lenses under prescription. Focus Toric contact lense cares for your eyes like none other. Contact lens cleaning requires a good contact lens cleaner. This will help you to care of contact lenses dry eyes. However, if you want to properly fit a toric lens, you should visit an eye care practitioner. As such, its fitting costs more than fitting of a regular lense.

You can find toric lenses as disposable lenses or daily disposable contact lenses. They also help in the enhancement of your eye color. Some colors are available as disposable colored contact lense; but most colored torics are non-disposable, conventional contact lenses. Multi-focal torics are used to correct presbyopia.