Contact Lens Basics

Fresh Look Toric Contact Lenses- Good For People Suffering From Astigmatism

Freshlook is a popular color contact lens brand manufactured by Ciba Vision. Ciba Vision is a globally recognized leader in manufacturing contact lenses and lens care products. It offers a variety of solutions for diverse vision needs. The company introduced the world’s first disposable toric contact lens in 2002 known as Focus Daily Torics.

Freshlook by Ciba Vision is used to alter, augment or light up the color of the user’s eyes. There is a wide choice of colors and styles to choose from. The available options are Freshlook Colors, Freshlook Color Blend Toric, Freshlook Radiance, Freshlook Dimension and Freshlook One-Day Color.

Freshlook Color Blend Toric and Freshlook Dailies Toric are the toric contact lens types. Toric contact lenses are used to resolve vision problems for people suffering from astigmatism. These lenses have two powers- one for astigmatism and the other for myopia or hyper-metropia. They are heavier at the bottom to prevent them from rotating in the eye.

Contact Freshlook Lens Toric Color Blends are disposable color contact lenses for astigmatic patients. They are indeed the best color contacts available in the market. These Color Blends are opaque colored lenses that can be used by both light as well as dark-eyed persons. The colors offered include green, gray, blue and honey colors.

These lenses are monthly disposable and single vision lens type. Their three-in-one technology involves blending three colors into one. These soft lenses are recommended only for daytime wear. The lenses have a provision to protect the user’s eyes from harmful ultra-violet rays. Their handling tint makes them easy to handle and wear.

Contact Freshlook Lens Toric Dailies are one to two week disposable soft contact lenses. Their frequent replacement ensures that the lenses remain clean and eyes free from infection. These lenses are very comfortable and provide good vision.

The procedure of fitting a toric contact lens is often very lengthy. Only an experienced and a deft hand can best handle it. Thus, the need to see a qualified eye care professional who can offer the right advice and prescribe and fit the most suitable toric contact lenses.

The special purpose that the toric lenses are designed to serve is to provide clarity of vision to astigmatic patients who can only be served if these lenses are purchased from a reputable manufacturer.

Ciba Vision is a pioneer in providing eye care solutions worldwide. Their range of contact Freshlook lens toric offers all the possible solutions for different vision needs. Freshlook integrates all desirable contact lens quality into one perfect pair of contact lenses- disposable, colored, hygienic, toric, great comfort and exceptional vision quality.