Contact Lens Basics

Getting Started With 30-day Wear Contact Lenses

With the advancement in production technologies and material used for contact lenses, the long wear contact lenses are becoming more and more popular. These lenses need not be removed at the end of the day. You can easily keep on wearing them for prolonged periods which can go as long as 30 days. While the ability to keep on wearing these contact lenses might sound really exciting, this article will help you find out if they are really for you.

All of us know that the traditional contact lenses are day wear. You have to remove them when you go to sleep at night. This is because the lenses choke the air flow towards the cornea of your eyes as they are in direct contact  with them. Removing the lenses ensures that your eyes can get the air they want. If you fail to do so, your eyes would get damaged because of skin suffocation.

But one thing all of us know, regardless of the fact that we use contact lenses or not is that putting in contact lenses and removing them from eyes can be well, quite an eyesore. This is the reason that a number of people are switching to extended wear contact lenses. As long as you do not have really sensitive eyes, these extended wear glasses would not be much of an issue for you to wear.

Just make sure that you do not got to areas that have  a lot of dust, remain clear of cigarette smoke (quit, if you are a smoker, it snot helping your health anyway), ensure that your eyes stay clear of water especially while swimming or having a bath. Above all, remove the lenses once their recommended wear time is over and dispose them off.

Remember that some people who have outdated information might tell you that the 30-day wear contact lenses cost a fortune. This is history. Today the extended wear contact lenses are available at really affordable prices. You need not pay much more than the usual daily wear contact lenses for them.