Contact Lens Basics

Halloween Lenses To Wear That Real Time Awe And Horror In Your Eyes

Saw that gal in the red dress? The one with those 'strange' eyes! Well, sure your friends noticed her too, for no one can help noticing the eyes that make it difficult for one to disengage as though they cast some kind of a hypnotic spell.

No, that was no hallucination, neither were you visualizing one of those bedtime fairy tales that your grand mom told you so often. And the one that passed by was no witch. It is just that she happened to wear the contacts designed to send the chills down your spine. Don't be surprised if you later find that it was no other than the next-door, studious-type Suzie who is usually bespectacled with her thick black glass frame, to a Halloween get together!

These lenses-- commonly known as 'special effects contacts' -- can make those whom you see day in, day out look like utter strangers!

These lenses are primarily cosmetic in nature and come in all fancy colors and designs. Choose whatever you like and for as as many occasions as you can think of. Broadly speaking, there are only two kinds of such lenses-- the ones that are round in shape and cover the pupil only and the ones that cover the entire visible area of the eye. Then, there is a third kind that's a go-between, which leaves a little bit of white area visible at the corners.

While the simple round ones are quite easy to put in and take out and are equally easy to wear, the Scleral ones-- those that cover the entire visible area of the eye, are difficult in that respect. Besides, they may also be a little uncomfortable to keep on. Moreover, the Scleral lenses are more expensive, too. So, on one hand you have round, simple comfortable lenses that are good and normal but do not pack as much of shock value as you might want them to, and on the other hand you have high shock value lenses that are difficult to put on, put off and keep on. The extremes are bridged by Semi-scleral lenses, which stand right in between the two in all respects. They are cheaper than the Scleral ones and are comfortable to wear and can be put on and off without much difficulty.

So, if you need a Halloween costume with some real effect, make the contacts a part of it. You may just end up getting a prize.