Contact Lens Basics

Hand painted contact lenses

Hand painted contact lenses were first made in Israel for the purpose of acting/movies as well as relevant to medical field. Since then, hand painted contact lenses business has proved to be flourishing day by day. The patients of strabismus and damage eye have been immensely benefited by this hand painted contact lenses. The damaged eye can be covered or masked cosmetically by these lenses. Opticians from all over the world are using these lenses for the optical problems and they in most of the cases have proved to be beneficial.

Hand painted contact lenses are widely used in different fields nowadays. Hand painted contact lenses do not cost much. Their value is just few hundred dollars but going for the scleral lenses becomes more expensive as these lenses cover all whole of the eye. These lenses are painted only when you order them so for purchasing these lenses you must order the color you choose to wear several weeks before.

The most important benefit of the hand painted contact lens is that it makes the damaged eye look good and gives it almost accurate matching with respect to color and the iris depth provided by it is always natural.

People who start considering themselves abnormal and disfigured due to their damaged eyes can live a normal life without hesitations and stigma joined with it can be removed cosmetically.

Even it is very easy to take care of the hand painted contact lenses. There is a short process which can help you preserve your contact lenses.

* The hands of the individual using the contact lenses must be washed with soap.

* Use the tweezers to pick up the lens and gently placing it on the tip of your finger.

* Before putting it in your eye rinse the lens with the solution that is provided.

* On each removal of the lens, it should be rinsed properly and then kept properly in the case containing solution.

* Next time when you will wear the lenses they would be ready for the implantation.