Contact Lens Basics

All About High Prescription Toric Contacts

A number of people suffer from astigmatism, an eye disorder in which due to an irregularly shaped cornea, there are two focal points. This condition results in blurred vision. It can be corrected by wearing either spectacles or special contact lenses known as toric contact lenses.

Spectacles are of course on type of solution. However, a number of people with astigmatism, or any other visual problem as for that matter, have begun to prefer contact lenses because of the sheer convenience and freedom that contact lenses provide them.

Toric contact lenses are prescribed by eye care specialists to correct the visual problem known as astigmatism. Toric contact lenses are designed not to move in the eye, when you blink. As a result, they are a very effective means of correcting astigmatism.

In case you suffer from myopia or hypermetropia along with astigmatism, the solution is to wear a pair of high prescription Toric lenses. High prescription lenses have two powers: one power for treating myopia or hypermetropia and the other for astigmatism. The lenses are either of the rigid gas permeable (RGP) type or the soft lens type.

As a good practice, you should always consult your eye care specialist, who will diagnose your eyes and determine if you require high prescription toric contact lenses. Your doctor is qualified to determine your exact requirements in terms of visual aids.

In case you have been suffering from astigmatism and you use eyeglasses, then you should consider switching over to contact lenses. You should remember never to buy contact lenses from unauthorized vendors or buy contacts of cheap brands. Remember that you are not just buying a pair of lens; you are paying money for expertise, good advice and assistance, something which a fly-by-night operator would not be capable of providing you with, even if willing.

Buying a reputable brand from an authorized outlet ensures the safety and well-being of the eyes. That is something with which you should not compromise.