Contact Lens Basics

How RGP Contact Lenses Can Be Better For Your Eyes

Many people believe that only soft contact lenses are available in the market. However, the fact is that the contact lenses are made of other materials as well. These lenses are good for the eyes but the problem is that they are not much known to the people. They are called RGP contact lenses.

The RGP contact lenses have many names. They are also known as oxygen permeable lenses or GP lenses and are made of rigid glass. These lenses are easy to take care of than many traditional soft contact lenses. They are made of a mixture of silicon and fluorine as these are the two elements that do not pick up proteins. The mixture of silicone and fluorine does not allow the deposits to stay on the contact lenses. The same is not true with soft contact lenses.

RGP lens has a self-cleaning process that helps remove dirt of all kinds. It is also very comfortable on the eye. RGP contact lenses were introduced in the year 1970. After this, came soft contact lenses in the year 1971. The main difference between the two counterparts is the size deviation. RGP contact lens has a small diameter than the soft contact lens.

There are various other differences between RGP lenses and the soft contact lenses. RGP contact lenses become sturdy because of the silicon make up. There are harder lenses as well. These lenses are called PMMAs. The one major property of silicon is that it allows oxygen flow into the eye. This gives a very good health to the eye. It gives beautiful eye comfort and protects eyes. Soft lenses lack this advantage.

A major development took place in the field of contact eye lenses in the year 2005. The new development came in the form of hybrid rigid contact lenses. These lenses came under brand name SynergEyes.