Contact Lens Basics

Hybrid Contact Lenses needs time to adapt!

There is a large variety of contact lenses available in the market and they can be put in two categories - hard and soft and each one has its own merits and demerits. Both these styles are incredibly popular among the youngsters and are used by people all over the world. Here we will discuss a new category of contact lenses called the hybrid contact lenses and look into if it is a right choice for you.

Soft contact lenses are the preferred choice by virtue of their ease of use and comfort characteristics. Since these lenses are usually larger and with their lengthier edges often extend beyond the cornea or the white of the eye, these can be comfortably worn for many hours. However, one of the primary draw back of these lenses is the fact they provide soft vision or rather they need tears to maintain consistency. Ultimately this makes the vision prone to fuzziness and intermittent blurs.

For the best achievable vision, however, the hard or the gas permeable contact lenses are the best choice with the sharp optical acuity. However, comfort is one part where these lenses are sadly lacking and users generally need some time to adapt themselves to these lenses to achieve comfort.

The hybrid contact lenses are the solution to this problem as they combine gas permeable centers for improved vision with soft lens skirt for complete comfort. Since the gas permeable lenses are made of very high oxygen permeable material, your corneas are guaranteed to breathe easy even after an extensive period of usage. They are also approved for prescriptions with up to 5 dioptors of astigmatism and therefore, can fit in with most prescriptions. The gas perm optics also makes for better vision correction.

Since the soft skirt of the lens comes in a variety of curves, it shouldn't be very difficult to find a good fit for yourself. This part not only allows for maximum comfort but also helps in correcting vision.

Hybrid contact lenses have to be maintained like other soft lenses and should be cleaned with solution and cleaner. It is better to follow the directions given by your eye care provider. Therefore, if you are looking for sharpest acuity with the most comfort, get yourself a hybrid contact lens.
For variety, you can also look for them on internet.