Contact Lens Basics

Know More About Intraocular Contact Lenses

Intraocular contact lenses are prosthetic lenses that are used to replace natural lenses during any intraocular lens surgery. These contact lenses are a perfect replacement for monofocal lenses.

A perfect replacement for monofocal lenses
Surgeries such as removing cataracts make use of intraocular contact lenses. Here in, the natural lens is removed and replaced with a clear lens instead. Earlier, a monofocal implantable lens was used instead of intraocular contact lens. This allowed cataract patients to correct either their distant vision or near vision. Most cataract patients chose to correct distance vision and used bifocals for near vision. Intraocular contact lenses correct both- distance as well as near vision simultaneously and prove to be a perfect replacement for monofocals.

Type of intraocular contact lenses
Intraocular contact lenses can be broadly divided into two categories- accommodating IOLs and multifocal IOLs.

Accomodating IOLs - These lenses are designed in such a way that they work in perfect accordance with the ciliary body, which is a small muscle inside the eye. The Ciliary body is used by the eye to focus on the near objects. Every time you focus on a near object, this muscle contracts, allowing the natural lens to change shape. As a result, you are able to see the near object.

When you are using accommodating IOLs, the ciliary muscles contract and change the position of the lens and allow it to move. The small hinges present in IOLs allow for easy movement of the lens, which in turn helps focus on near objects. Unlike other lenses, accommodating IOLs cause the least amount of visual sensations. The downside, however is that they may not be as effective for some patients.

Some examples of accommodating IOLs are Crystalens IOLs, Synchrony, Smart, FluidVision, and TetraFlex. Amidst all these options, crystalens makes for a popular choice. This contact lens has been approved by the FDA and is known to offer great results.

Multifocal IOLs- While accommodating IOLs help rectify near vision, multifocal IOLs rectify near, intermediate and distant vision. These lenses do not depend upon the ciliary muscle to correct your vision. These contact lenses comprise of concentric lenses that are etched on the surface of the lens. These circles allow images at all distances to be focused on the retina. It is because of this reason that many people take a little longer to get accustomed to these lenses.

Though there are various multifocal IOLs available in the market, some of the best picks include ReZoom, Tecnis multifocal and ReSTOR. Each of these lenses uses specialized technology to correct vision.

If you are suffering from cataract then these intraocular contact lenses could be the best option for you.