Contact Lens Basics

Know More About Decorative Contact Lenses

  Gone are the days when contact lenses were just meant to offer a better vision. With different type of contacts such as decorative contact lenses coming in, they have become more of a fashion accessory than a tool for vision correction. Also known as special effect contact lenses, they can completely change the way you look.

Who needs them?
If you are aiming for a dramatic look, then these decorative contact lenses are an option to swear by. These contact lenses are meant to change your appearance and give you an all new look. It is for this reason that they find great usage during the Halloween season. Since these lenses do not have any corrective power, they can even be used by people with perfect vision.

  What are the options?
When it is about decorative contact lenses, you have probably more options than you can imagine. They are available in a gigantic range of color options such as blue, pink, red, green, purple, peach and the like. You can also find fun designs such as Zebra, cat and jaguar. These lenses are sure to give your eyes an animated look. You can also find contact lenses with fire, ice and football logo designs.

Is it safe?
Even when decorative contact lenses do not have any corrective power, they have their health concerns attached. It is important to remember that any kind of contact lenses are medical devices regulated by the FDA. So, when using them, you need the approval of your health care provider. If not used in the correct manner, decorative contact lenses can cause serious eye problems. Thus, it becomes important to ensure that your lenses are evaluated by a licensed eye care physician.

Using decorative contact lenses
If you wish to use these lenses, the following tips will prove extremely valuable:

* Have a comprehensive eye examination. This will help determine the overall health of your eyes and also if your eyes are fit enough to wear these lenses.
* Never buy decorative contact lenses from your local drug store. Make sure that you buy them from your physician only. Buying these lenses from a certified optometrist and ophthalmologist ensures that you are buying quality and safe lenses.
* During the Halloween season, you will find these decorative contact lenses being sold at flea markets, gas stations and even beauty supply stores at dirt cheap prices. But, make sure that you do not fall for these low prices. Always buy contact lenses from a licensed supplier only.

If you do not want to dampen the fun quotient, make sure that you use these lenses with caution.