Contact Lens Basics

Know More about Type and Styles of Novelty Contact Lenses

These days you can get many types of contact lenses in the market. The many varieties of contact lenses available include, among others, disposable contact lenses, toric contact lenses, novelty contact lenses, and regular contact lenses. Novelty contact lenses come under the category of soft contact lenses.

Novelty contact lenses have a design imprinted on the lens. This gives a special type of novelty effect to the contact lenses. These lenses are also called beauty contact lens or fashion contact lenses. They have the power to change the look of your eyes. Your eyes become more beautiful and fashionable with the novelty contact lens. You can also change the shape and color of your eyes with the novelty contact lens. Your eyes will look more attractive and beautiful.

The novelty contact lenses have various designs like flags and bears on them. These lenses were first seen in Halloween parties whereon they gained popularity. Teenagers give themselves a different look with these lenses. Film actors also use them. Novelty contact lenses come in three colors, namely, colored, crazy, and flash contact lenses.

The colored contact lenses come in a wide range of colors like- violet, blue, hazel, brown, grey, green, and alike. All these colors are available for you. You can select the color you want. These colors can be used for both, light and dark colored eyes. You can also get crazy contact lenses from the market. These contact lenses are mostly used in Halloween parties. These lenses also come in a wide variety of designs. These designs are affixed on the lens and they make them look different. Crazy contact lenses come in 30 different designs.

You can use lash novelty lenses, if you are in a pub or a bar. These lenses reflect a supernatural glow in the disco lights. In the normal daylights, these lenses act as normal colored lenses. You can get pink flash, green flash, blue flash, and yellow flash lenses in the market.