Contact Lens Basics

Looking For Contact Lenses For Dry Eyes?

Contact lenses have not only evolved to cater to changing style requirements, but also to help those who have weak eye sight. They are expected to serve the specific nature of the eyes. The lenses, made for watery eyes, are usually different from the ones used by people with dry eyes. Here, we will discuss contact lenses for dry eyes and their implications.

These contact lenses for dry eyes are particularly comfortable to use for people with dry eyes. And, they can also be used for extended hours. These specialized lenses are usually soft lenses which keep a check over the dryness of the eye, by curbing the excess evaporation of water from the eyes. These lenses are made of silicon hydrogel. So, they are most suitable for people with dry eyes who generally find these lenses very soothing.

Though these lenses contain much less of water, they do provide the eye with the much-needed moisture. So, even if the lenses are worn for a long period of time, they hardly ever cause any discomfort to the eye.

Before you go looking for these lenses, it is advisable to go to an eye doctor to get your eye tested, and find out more about the needs of your dry eye. Once your doctor has approved to your using these lenses, you can go ahead and purchase a dry eye contact lens for yourself. And, do remember to get yourself the contact lens of a reputed brand that is also approved by the physician.

When choosing contact lenses, opt for ones with lesser water content. There are several new polymer lenses available right now that have less water content. These polymer lenses are well suited for dry eyes, and are made by some leading contact lens brands. They also help retain water in the eyes. Omafilcon A is one of the many polymer lenses around.

Biocompatible lenses are also available to solve the problem of dry eyes. These lenses adjust to the eye type, and respond accordingly to offer comfort to the eye. One of the leading brands for these lenses is the Proclear Compatibilities. Acuvue Oasis lenses are also high quality lenses that help you tackle the problem of dry eyes. Therefore, more and more reputed brands are coming up with contacts for dry eyes that are being successfully used by people.

So, those who suffer from the problem of dry eyes need not stay away from contact lenses any more. There are contacts available for them too that can help them see better without drying the eyes.