Contact Lens Basics

Make A Unique Statement With Novelty Contact Lenses

Most people are aware that you can purchase contact lenses that change your eye color, but did you know that you can also purchase a novelty type of lens? If you want to buy them, please stop and rethink the issue of wearing them. You might not be aware that the FDA, the Food and Drug Administration of the U.S. have banned import of them from other countries. Know the dangers of wearing them, and if you must wear novelty contact lenses, buy them from a qualified eye care professional.

These types of eye accessories have a lot of unique and fascinating designs on them, like flags and bears. The rage of wearing them started out at Halloween parties, but soon caught on for a lot of other occasions. You might not know that up until now anyone could sell novelty contact lenses. Places like the Internet, open novelty markets, and even a nail salon could sell them to anyone over 18 years of age. In fact, the novelty contact lenses of the past proclaimed that one size would fit everyone, and it just wasn’t true.

Several people lost eyesight because of corneal infections when wearing them. If you do get a set make sure that it doesn’t happen to you. Go to an ophthalmologist, and get a pair of novelty contact lenses made in extended wear for you. That way they can be correctly sized to fit your eye. Damage occurs from a one size fits all because the cornea is scraped and infection sets in. Infections occur too because novelty contact lenses are stored in a solution for months because you might not need them.

Your key to wearing them is to care for them as you would any vision corrective type of lens, or even colored contacts for changing your eye color. Any qualified eye doctor will tell you the correct cleaning procedures, and how long you should wear novelty contact lenses.

It’s okay to be different by using them but only if you do it correctly. Don’t play around with serious infections in your eyes. Besides, you’ll lose time off from work, and other potentially high cost medical bills that you can’t afford. Others around you could pick up your infection too. It goes without saying to never share novelty contact lenses, but people that you care about can still have it transferred to their eyes from your germs. Novelty contact lenses are fun when used correctly, and with careful handling their just like any other contact.

Have fun when you are wearing them. Be creative when having them designed, and always wear them according to directions. Seek out medical advice if you have any questions too. It’s always better to be safe than very sorry when it comes to your eyes. In the end though, novelty contact lenses can make a unique statement about just who you are if used properly.