Contact Lens Basics

Monthly Disposable Contact Lenses

Who would want to preserve contact lenses for ages when you can affordably replace them after a month? Steps in - monthly disposable contact lenses! As the name suggests, these contact lenses are supposed to be used only for a month. You can use them for a month and then replace them with fresh lenses.

Monthly contact lenses are fast gaining in popularity because of the fact that they do not require extra care and maintenance. These lenses are available for both daily as well as extended wear. You can opt for either of them depending upon your needs and requirements.

Let us take a look at the pros and cons of monthly disposable contact lenses.


* The most prominent advantage of using these monthly disposable contact lenses is that they offer you unmatched convenience. You do not have to bother removing and putting your contact lenses again after frequent intervals.
* Monthly disposable contact lenses can be worn for 30 days at a stretch. This makes them apt for people with erratic work schedules. People who are frequently out for trips can also benefit from these contact lenses.
* Since, they are used for only a given time period they do not pose the risk of causing eye infections.
* They are highly economical. They cost less than weekly and daily disposable contact lenses.


* There are no drawbacks as such of monthly disposable contact lenses. But, make sure that you are investing in a good brand.

Monthly disposable contact lenses are supposed to be worn like any other contact lenses. Even if you are using a newly opened lens, it is advised that you clean it first with a cleansing solution. Most of these lenses come with a visibility tint so you will not have any problem putting them on.

Since monthly disposable contact lenses are meant to be worn for long time periods, proteins and amino acids may develop in the lenses over a period of time. This may cause irritation in the eyes. Thus, if you are using extended wear lenses, you must remove them after wearing them for a week or so and soak them in a cleansing solution. This will also allow your eyes to remain in their natural state, for some time.

Once you have used these monthly disposable contact lenses for the given period, make sure that you throw them away. Using these lenses for more than the suggested period could cause harm to your eyes. So, use them for the specified time period only.

Suggested options
If you are considering buying monthly disposable contact lenses, then you have more than just one option to go in for. However, there are some monthly contacts that are more popular than others. Crazy contact lenses are one of them. Coming from a reputed manufacturer like Coopervision, they promise quality. They do not cause dryness of the eyes.

Cibavision also offers you quite a few options in monthly disposable contact lenses. These include Focus Softcolors, Focus Visitint, Focus Night and Day and Focus Progressives. Purevision from Bausch and Lomb is also a great choice.