Contact Lens Basics

Painted Contact Lens

There is no doubt about the fact that you can get a fashionable touch with hand painted contact lens. It is a great way to get trendy. This concept of painted contact lens first appeared in Israel. For both medical purpose and FX movie business, painted contact lens or soflens is used. You can get such a custom made lens through ordering. If you have a damaged eye, you can hide it properly with such a contact lens. It is also used by opticians, optometrists for treating different optical problems.

Painted contact lens has applicability in advertising and music world, apart from movies. These cosmetic contact lenses such as black contact lens are used mostly in horror and sci-fi movies such as the Wolf, X-Men and Lord Of The Rings series. Undoubtedly, these lenses are costly. It costs almost three to four hundred dollars and more than that. Scleral costume lenses are the most expensive. This custom contact lens can also be very safe.

As painted cosmetic contact lense provide the accurate color matching with your eyes, you can have these lenses to change the appearance of your damaged eye. However, you have to take good care of these lenses like the prescription contact lenses. A good contact lens cleaner along with a contact lens case is what you need to take care of these lenses. Before handling the lenses, wash your hands properly. After contact lens removal, place them in a fresh solution. It is recommended that you change the solution on a weekly basis for your own safety.