Contact Lens Basics

Choose Between Rigid Gas Permeable Lenses And Cosmetic Lenses

Rigid contact lens are generally hard in nature while the cosmetic lenses are usually the colored lenses used to correct vision disorder or to change the eye color. Lets know about these two types of contact lenses in detail:

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses
These lenses were introduced in 1979 and are considered as hard lenses but they are not like the past hard lenses which were manufactured using polymethylacrylate (PMMA). Instead they are made from a flexible material called silicone as silicone allows more oxygen to enter the eye than the other soft lenses. The material called PMMA used in the past in hard lenses did not allow oxygen to reach the eye resulting in an unhealthy condition, also they were uncomfortable and and were not easy to get used to. Gas permeable lenses are very durable and they provide resistance to the deposition of materials on the lenses to avoid any ill-effects on the eye. These lenses provide their patients superior visual acuity. These lenses are, easy to clean, not very expensive, and can be used for a long period of time. Because of the rigid material present in these lenses, the lenses keep their shape while blinking thus providing you crisp vision. However, you should consider some points regarding these lenses:

A) There is greater risk of having corneal ulcers which could damage your vision.
B) The cornea may take an undesirable shape.
C) Contacts if worn during sleep, may decrease the flow of oxygen to the cornea.
D) These lenses are hard to adapt as a person needs time to get used to them.

These lenses are also called oxygen permeable lenses.

Cosmetic lenses
Cosmetic lenses have a special color layer within the lens which allows color to blend with your own natural eye color by never touching your eye. This color layer allows you to change or enhance your eye color. Colored contact lenses come in varying colors which can enhance the color of your eye by using an enhancement tint which is translucent.

Color contact lenses come in various types like hard, soft, and novelty. Color contacts for changing the color of your eye use opaque tints which are made of patterns and solid colors. For wearing these lenses, you don't necessarily be suffering from some vision disorder. Even people with great eyesight can use them too.

They also come in the form of disposable lenses to provide the users, an opportunity to change their eye color regularly.