Contact Lens Basics

SFX Contact Lenses

Simply speaking, SFX contact lenses are lenses of different kind mostly used for theatrical purposes. Theses cosmetic contact lenses or custom contact lens are used in movies and also for fun purposes. Known for their comfort, these SFX contact lenses give the wearer an unusual look. SFX contact lenses are greatly used in horror movies and in movies like the X-Men, Lord of the Rings series and also in sci-fi movies. With these lenses, you can change the color of your eyes easily. These lenses are generally very costly, but there are also affordable varieties available.

It is not necessary for you to have prescription to buy these contact lenses. Even people with normal eyesight can wear this cosmetic contact lense. Even for Halloween, you can wear these lenses to put that extra zing to your attire. You can buy those contact lenses as prescription contact lenses or own them without a prescription. SFX contact lenses provide affordable lenses for Halloween to have the right combination of eye colors and costume.

However, the same care should be taken for these crazy contact lenses like other prescription contact lenses. Improper care of these lenses can cause different types of eye diseases and eye infections. If not fitted correctly, they can cause serious damage to your eyes. So, it is also recommended that you visit an eye care specialist to have proper prescription and fit them accordingly. It is also necessary that you use a proper contact lens cleaner for contact lens cleaning and a proper contact lens case for storage.

Also, you must disinfect the lenses regularly and remember never to share your lens with anyone. Otherwise, you might face serious contact lens problems.