Contact Lens Basics

Special effect contact lenses

Hello friends, now on Halloween or any other such festival you can scare your friends by just putting on the special effect contact lenses which are specially designed for these festivals. Nowadays the special effects in the movies are also a result of the use of these special effect contact lenses.

Folks, you can buy these special effect contact lenses even without prescription. But one should go for the prescription by the doctor, as, like all other contact lenses the special effect contact lenses can also cause eye infection. That is why they need to be fitted correctly for which a doctor is the most suitable person.

These special effect lenses must be cleaned and kept with care and cleanliness like other contact lenses. These lenses should not be shared or used by multiple individuals. Eye infection can also cause blindness.

The special effect contact lenses can be purchased from any eye specialist and by a photocopy of the prescription you can buy these lenses from elsewhere. But the best way is to buy these lenses from sources which are authorized by the government.

The special effect contact lenses must not be bought from the stores which do not demand the prescription. The lenses that you buy must be sealed pack and should be gone under sterile packaging. It would be foolishness risking your eyes for the product that has a manufacturing defect. If not fitted correctly the lenses approved by the FDA can also be dangerous. If the lenses are not fitted correctly, they can cause irritation and infections and even abrasions. Improperly fitted lenses are always uncomfortable.

The special effect lenses are wearable overnight. However, the material used in making these lenses can not be used to wear overnight. If you follow the correct techniques and methods to use special effect contact lenses they are always safe.