Contact Lens Basics

Types Of Sunsoft Contact Lens

Since the contact lens business is no more a business in pure medical terms, its fashionable wavelengths are spreading like an octopus. The big players in this manufacturing line are giving all sorts of incentives to the customers. There are more than 90 major contact lens manufacturers and most of the important stores have these brands in their racks. To offer huge discounts is part of the game, and there is nothing new in it.

One of the popular brands that you will be able to find in most of the stores is Sunsoft contact lenses. The discount ranges offered by Sunsoft contact lens manufacturers ranges up to 70%, if it is the direct bulk purchase.

They say, “Eyes are the window to the soul.” With the pair of colored contact lenses, you are in a position to change the appearance, with your very same eyes. Sunsoft contact lenses can make the definite impact in your personality. Even people who have astigmatism and presbyopia problems can make use of the appropriate Sunsoft contact lenses.

What these contact lenses actually do is- they filter all the color in the light, except the color that you wish to have. Some of the categories of Sunsoft contact lenses are:

Opaque lenses: The way in which this opaque lens works is unique. It has an excellent colored ring, which covers the iris and at the same time leaves a clear hole in the center to allow the light to pass through. Most of the colored contact lenses are opaque.

Enhancement tint: Sunsoft contact lenses have enhancement tints lenses that enable the enhancement of the natural eye color. These lenses are translucent. They function like this. If you have a dark eye color, enhancement tint lenses will be difficult to make the color change visible. The ones with light colored eyes use these types of lenses.

Visibility tints: Sunsoft visibility tints do not change the eye color. From the point of view of handling, it is slightly tinted. You can insert and remove the lenses more conveniently.

Light filtering tints: Sunsoft light filtering tints are the most advanced type of contact lenses. They are mainly meant for sports persons, for example Golfers, baseball and tennis players. These light filtering tints act in two different ways. They enhance certain colors and mute other colors. Sunglasses are inconvenient for the sports persons while in action. Unlike sunglasses, contact lenses cut down the glare.