Contact Lens Basics

The A to Z of Weekly Disposable Contact Lenses

As the name suggests, weekly disposable contact lenses are the lenses that are meant for use for one particular week. This means that you can use these lenses for up to a period of 7 days or more and then throw them away. Different weekly disposable contact lenses work for different time periods. While there are some that can be used for only a week, there are others that last up to two weeks.

Weekly disposable contact lenses could be either daily or extended wear. Daily wear lenses need to be removed every night before you go to sleep. On the other hand, extended wear contact lenses can be worn for a week or two weeks (depending upon the type of lens) at a stretch. This means that you will not have to remove them every night before you go to sleep.

These contact lenses have both their share of pros and cons. Talking of their benefits first, these contact lenses do not require great maintenance. You can use them for up to a week and then throw them away. This means that you will not have to bother much about taking care of these contact lenses.

Cost is another factor that falls in the favor of weekly disposable contact lenses. Unlike long lasting contact lenses that cost you quite an amount, weekly disposable contact lenses prove to be quite affordable. So, you will not be spending a huge sum in buying your contact lenses.

Unlike other contact lenses that pose a risk of eye infection, weekly disposable contact lenses are much safer. This is because proteins and amino acids build up over your lenses over a period of time. This can cause eye infection. Weekly disposable contact lenses allow you to throw away the lenses before excessive protein builds over them. As a result, the risk of infection is reduced.

Considering all that weekly disposable contact lenses have to offer, they come across as a great choice for lens wearers.

Top choices in weekly disposable contact lenses

Acuvue Oasys

* Offer superior comfort
* Do not cause dryness
* Have a visibility tint which makes them easier to apply and remove
* Provide protection against harmful UV rays
* No irritation in the eyes

Biomedics 55

* For excellent vision
* Come with a blue tint and offer ease of usage
* Since they are easy to wear and handle, they make for a great choice for first time users.

O2 Optix

* 2 week contact lenses
* Allow 5 times more oxygen to reach your eyes making your eyes more comfortable.
* Offer maximum comfort
* Allow easy handling

Soflens 66 Toric

* 2 week contact lenses
* Exceptional visual acuity
* Extremely comfortable and do not cause any kind of irritation in the eye
* Durable lenses