Contact Lens Basics

Who Invented Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses have become a style statement these days. Many people have started using contact lenses, instead of the spectacles. But, very few of them know who invented these contact lenses. Do you know who the inventor of contact lenses is? The person who invented the contact lenses was Leonardo Da Vinci, according to the Doghouse Technologies.

Though Vince never made an actual pair of contact lenses, he did make diagrams and sketches for the same. After these diagrams, the person who turned these pictures into products was Rene Descartes. He made use of a hydriascope to neutralize the power of the cornea. This hydriascope is actually a glass tube filled with water. He did not have the means and resources to turn this dream into reality with effect. The reason being the technology was not so advanced at that time.

Till the 19th century, many scientists tried to do something creative with the concept of the contact lenses. They tried to make out lenses from lathe-cut glass shells and brown glass. In the year 1935, a new plastic was invented, called Polymethylmethacrylate. In the year 1936, William Feinbloom tried to mix PMMA with glass to make contact lens. But, this mixture was not successful, and gradually only the plastic material was used to make lenses.

Now, you may ask who the genuine inventor of the modern contact lenses is. Well, the answer is that Kevin Tuhoy is the person who is regarded the inventor of the lenses. These contact lenses are small in size, but somehow bigger than the iris of the eye. The lens gets fit over the cornea of the eye. Innovations are still being made in the field. In the 1970s, silicone acrylates was used as the material for the lenses. In the present times, there are other materials too being used for the purpose such as florosilicone-acrylate.

Nowadays, you can find different types of contact lenses, like contacts for keratoconus, contacts for astigmatism, and bifocal contacts.